The Ava Behind the EMO(tions)

Started from my sketch book, now we're here.

EMO by Ava is a brand I created in 2018, right before I turned 12, that features apparel, accessories, and art showcasing my artwork. EMO by Ava started off with me doodling and drawing in a sketchbook as a way to deal with my feelings from being bullied when I was ten and eleven years old.

I felt that whenever I was drawing, I was free.

Being bullied hurt and I got through it, but I ended up making something cool out of all of that. Now I'm pleased to make my art wearable.

I started this brand because I wanted to make a brand that people could connect with. And I wanted to tell, and show the bullies that I AM strong, and that I CAN do great things with my life. I’m 13 now and I’ve grown and learned a lot.

EMO by Ava isn't just for me, it's for any and all who want to express their inner story. For people who embrace their art, their quirks, their intelligence, and their EMO(tions). And that's my mission and goal. To have an international brand that inspires others to embrace their EMO too.